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Who Is Kultivar & Co?

We're Lisa and Ira Kates, founders of Kultivar & Co and we produce artisanal hot sauce that use some of the hottest chili peppers on earth. We grow our own ghost peppers, carolina reapers, cayennes and more on farms in Georgetown and Erin Ontario, located just outside of Toronto.

All batches of hot sauces are balanced in flavour and use ingredients from local farms and providers in and around Toronto, Ontario. One delicious example of this is the peaches we source from Beamsville, ON that get incorporated into our Ghost Pepper Peach - it's a crowd pleaser!

Kultivar & Co to us is more than a name, it's a philosophy. When we started this company we were only about creating awesome small batch hot sauce. We then focused on how our sales could help others and we started donating a portion of every single dollar we earn to charity.

As we matured as a company we discovered a whole community of people who are passionate about growing food, producing local and giving back. This community has taught us more than how to grow the most amazing peppers, but also about having a responsibility to the earth and each other. 

These responsibilities, to the earth, to our producers, to our charities and to you, the consumer, add up to something greater than just a batch of hot sauces. A cultivar in farming is the selective breeding of a plant for desirable characteristics - this was an important idea for us to reflect in our name. For every bottle we produce, we strive to select only the best ingredients and suppliers that match our ideas and ethos around sustainable farming and giving back to the community. 

As we continue to grow our small company, we will continue to be active in our community and will give back when and where we can. The & Co. portion of our name reflects the limitless potential of opportunities to come. We are excited to continue down this path and thank the thousands of people who have joined us along the way.  

Our sauces will ALWAYS reflect the great flavour characteristics and uniqueness that our customers have come to enjoy and we look forward to bringing you more variations in the future.

Thanks for stopping by!
Ira & Lisa Kates